Celebration Disco's

Birthday Party? Work Do? Engagement?

Why choose DJ NikNak?

We can help create the right vibe for your event! Not just getting the colours and lights right for your celebration, but the important part of interacting with your guests and making them feel comfortable to enjoy the evening and dance the night away!

Unlike other companies who may give different costs on every quote, we have flat rates depending on the length, start and finish times and location. We are based in Basingstoke but operate up to 80 miles outside of this location. Affordable, professional and reliable. 

Our latest gig photos can be found on www.facebook.com/djniknakdj or www.facebook.com/niknakevents

Basic Setup
Full Setup with Plinths
Basic Setup, Black Scrim
Basic Setup with uplighters
Basic setup
Basic Setup
Children's Party
Smoke Machine
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