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First Blog 4th January 2022

Well, this is my first go at blog writing…..

I’ve written this whilst coming to the end of my covid isolation, after testing positive during Christmas break. To say I was gutted to miss out on my NYE gig is an understatement. NYE is always the best.

That’s two Christmas breaks with covid now - I think I’m due a normal one next year!

But 2022 is here, and I am soooo looking forward to all of the bookings I have coming up, starting this week with a 70th party at a private residence and then 4 kids discos.

Towards the end of 2021 (October) I decided to start taking Event/Adult/Wedding DJ bookings again, and it really has given back my spark.

In July 2021 when we were able to restart business after 15 months of not being able to DJ due to the pandemic, I had a backlog of kids parties to work through and I was finishing off my degree in School Business Management, so I decided to focus on finishing my studies and not jump straight back into evening gigs. Come the end of October, I couldn’t wait for my first booking - a 60th, in my old stomping ground of Basingstoke - and it was a sweet reminder of how much I love to DJ.

Since then, I have been booked at Pubs, Bars, 21st/30th/40th/60ths, Weddings and I’ve had a ball.

I quickly decided to reinvest earnings into upgrading my Wedding equipment so that I could offer the look and quality that you would want from your weddings disco (plus, I’m really good at walking in to the DJ shop in Newbury and finding 10 new things I didn’t know I wanted to buy) Thanks DJKIT! I was also lucky to receive a business grant from my university, Chester, which has had significant impact on my upgrades.

I still work full time at my School Job in Wokingham, and running my DJ business at the weekends gives me the enjoyment of both worlds - a business I’m proud of and a school job where I try to make a difference. I am lucky to get 13 weeks of school holidays a year, as I’m term time only. So, when I work 7 out of 7 days a week, it’s not all bad!

This year, I’m taking nearly 3 weeks off in August to travel Thailand. I have never been, so I’m super excited.

Having a busy life as well as trying to maintain a healthy’ish lifestyle is hard, but I’m very lucky to have a supportive partner who has the patience of a saint and makes sure there is a roast dinner ready for me at the end of a long week (& a gin!). She is a god send, and I adore all the adventures we get to go on when I take the odd weekend off. I’m blessed to have a lot of good people around me.

In-between my busy work schedule, my preferred places to be are either in the mountains or on the water.

It’s my 30th birthday this year and I’ve set myself the challenge of ‘30 significant things between January-December 2022’. I will be factoring in at least one weekend off a month this year, in order to do this. I’m very open to ideas and recommendations :-)

I’m very grateful to all of my wonderful clients, friends and family who continue to book or recommend me, you keep my passion for this business alive 🙏🏽

Let’s hope for a more normal 2022.

Stay safe xxx

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